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 The Best Of Two Sisters
​[Action] [Drama]

Rebecca and Judith are two sisters that always compete with each other. When misfortune strikes before a competition comes up, what will happen? Will they win? 
Read and find out what happens to both sisters, and if they will be the best two sisters in the end....
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The Boy Without A Friend ​

Interested, heart warning and relatable is the essence of what makes the Boy Without a friend the perfect children's story.
Abigail and the Smiley Faces

 Abigail is a six year old girl with autism. Despite her challenges, she is motivated to show the world that she has the ability to be her best. Expressing kind gestures to others.
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Peter The Hamster That Lives In My Cupboard
"Mommm! There's a hamster in the cupboard!"

Peter the hamster lives in a cupboard! Read this story to find out about the adventures of Peter the hamster! 🐹


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