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Books to read in 2021

After a long and stressful time in 2020 with a lot of uncertainty, 2021 rolled up with a fresh start and an opportunity to make new plans. There is a lot we discovered in 2020; we have inculcated several hobbies to help us pass the time during lock down, and some of these activities have grown on us; reading, for example. Reading is a timeless hobby that does more than help you pass the time. Want to expand your knowledge? Read a book! Entertainment and relaxation? There's a book! Want your kids to stop being so hooked on television and gaming? Find a book for them and help them start reading from an early age. There is a wide range of books to choose from, and depending on what genre you like, you will have many choices! However, as we start 2021, here are some books you have to include in your 2021 book list.

The Best of Two Sisters is a children's book on two sisters who compete with each other, but something happens that could change that.

The Boy Without a Friend, a children's book about an eight-year-old autistic boy, who has to write about his best friend!

Abigail and the Smiley Faces is also a children’s book on a six-year-old girl willing to fight her autism challenges to show the world what she can do and still be kind to others.

These books are more than just entertainment; they will help teach your children how to relate with others and the values that go a long way in making them better people. The world is already as cruel as it can be let your kids spread a little kindness and understanding in 2021 through these books. They are all available in hardcover, paperback, and on Kindle.

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