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Book to read in 2022

The animal kingdom is full of different species of animals, too many to count. It is hard to imagine how you would introduce your children to all these animals without overwhelming them. How will they differentiate one animal from another? Will they be able to tell a rabbit from a lion? While it is stressful to introduce animals to your children slowly, you might want to think about using a book and what other perfect way than using Peter, the Hamster!

Peter the Hamster is a new book about a hamster who lives in a cupboard in the kitchen. He is a lovely pet though very mischievous. Peter loves vegetables and sleeping in old shoes. Additionally, peter is a friendly animal. There is so much to learn from Peter, the Hamster. Besides having fun reading about his mischiefs, your child can also learn about the different types of vegetables. Interestingly, with a fun character like Peter the Hamster, you can get your children to start eating some vegetables that they have disliked in the past. They can also pick up some good values like being friendly from Peter.

Looking for a fun book for your children to start exploring the amazing world of animals and their daily lives, a book that does more than entertain? Then grab yourself a Peter the Hamster book! Nothing is ever dull with Peter the Hamster.


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